~ Welcome to Faithful Acres Body Soul Spirit .  I hope you will pour yourself a cup of Herbal Tea, Flavored Coffee and have a wonderful visit with me today.   I hope you will have an enjoyable time while here and if there is anything you have a question about, please do not hesitate to ask me.  I love to share life…

~ Faithful Acres Body Soul Spirit was started due to my desire to have a real home for my sharing and not just your typical blog.  My blogs had become such a busy place that I wanted to make a home to share more with you.  A place that showed you my heart’s desire for not just myself, but for you also. Somewhere to bring everything together in a comfortable and make yourself at home type of way. I hope that as this will bring much joy to those who visit with me and that it will bring glory to God…

~ Without Him, I am nothing ! ~

~ So come sit with me a while, relax and let us thoroughly enjoy a time of friendship.

~ Linda Marie ~

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