Worship Walk


Worship Walk by Gareth J. Goossen

On TCBN I was blessed to be able to read and review Gareth J. Goossens   book “Worship Walk: where worship and life intersect ”   It is a wonderful book about praising God in all we do and seeing God in all things he created.  It is a book for every Christian not just for the worship leader.  How we need to focus on God .  And how Worship is not about us.  Worship and entertainment are not synonymous. Worship is for God, not us to be entertained.  And that we need not fight between the brethren as to how it is done… I think he is right… IMHO too much of church music has become our entertainment and is not true worship of God, but a show for the people to feel good and feed the flesh.  I love old hymns, but I also like some contemporary Christian praise music, the words give meaning to living.  For us the song ” Every little thing you do” by Steven Curtis Chapman ,  sort of sums it up and we try to teach out children that indeed Everything we do , say, how we live is our worship to God. There is another song that applies ” Im going back to the heart of worship, its all about you, its all about you Jesus ” Worship indeed as he says is more then just music.  Gareth J. Goossen   answered the call of God to write this book and I just love how he shares his heart for God .   He is founder and executive director of Make Us Holy Ministries and a former worship pastor. I think anyone who is serious about worshiping the Lord your God, would love this book.

I was given this book by TCBN http://www.bookfun.org   to read and review for my honest opinion.

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