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When I first heard of Jody, I was joining giveaways, hoping to win one of her books, as she was a new to me.  Perhaps not to many of you , but to me she was a new christian historical fiction author .   I won her book   The Preachers Bride and later won Unending Devotion.  I am still striving to get a copy of The Doctors Lady and The Noble Groom.  Yes, I am hooked….smile  Hooked on the accurate historical basis of her books and love her gifted way of sharing history and faith in stories she writes.

What really impressed me the most about Jody is an author interview I listened to with Shelley Hitz , where Jody said she was a wife and  Homeschooling Mom !  My thoughts went from learning about an author to Wow, she is just like me !  Well, its evident that she has the scheduling things more down pat then me…  But it was then that I realized that someday I too could write what has been on my heart , things the Lord has allowed me to go through by His Grace and I realized I am not alone in wanting to write and homeschool my children…  Jody, I cannot begin to tell you how much that interview meant to me…

Another thing that impressed me is that Jody writes into her books , issues we are seeing dealt with today.  ie. Human Trafficking   and other things.  I really admire her strength to tackle such things and promote right and godly ways in her book Unending Devotion.

Jody has written sever books, including The Preachers Bride , The Doctors Lady, Unending Devotion, The Noble Groom and now her newest book ” Rebellious Heart ” being released Sept 15th.  On Sept 27th, I will be hosting a giveaway for a signed copy of Jody’s New Book ” Rebellious Heart ” !


I would suggest highly that you connect with Jody at the following via her website and social media sites below !

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  1. Hi Linda! I missed seeing this post previously! I’m glad I saw it today! Thank you so much for all of your kind words. I’m so glad that my writing journey can be an inspiration to you! I’m always happy to know when God uses my struggles to encourage others! And thank you too, for all of your shouting out about my new release! You’ve done such a fantastic job! Many blessings to you!

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