Rebellious Heart by Jody Hedlund



I  just love this story !  So full of action, supsense and so alive with history…  Jody’s ability to draw you into the time period and accounts of the way things were done back then, just makes everything come so alive and real to you .  It is a wonderful love story and a suspense filled mystery all at the same time !  If you love historical fiction and or a good mystery, you will love this book.   It touches on subjects that were as prevalant today as they were yesterday .  I have read that with each novel Jody has gotten better in her writing and I guess I got to read the best first…. but that will only make me want to go and read her other novels, as each is a wonderful story with topics that need to be spoken of and shared.  Thank you Jody for allowing me to read and promote your book.

I recieved this book from Jody Hedlund  free as a book influencer  , although not a book reviewer and I am so glad she gave me a chance influence for her but I had to come and give my honest review of her book Rebellious Heart… it is so wonderful !


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