Fields of The Fatherless by Elaine Cooper


Fields of The Fatherless by Elaine Cooper

I had never read any of Elaines books , so this was my first ! But it will not be my last that is for sure and for certain. I thoroughly enjoyed the historical accuracy in the book and I am compelled me to delight in reading it to my children for history as we homeschool. I so loved any and all tender moments between characters. Very tastefully written and today morals and edict are much needed. Godly Character and moral value are throughout the book and I am very pleased with all I read therein. I am so glad that I was introduced to Elaine on Colonial Quills with Carrie Fancett Pagal who was hosting a tea party for her. I am now so longing to read Deer Run Series. Some stories just take your breath away and bring the desire for more good reading from that author and this is one of those stories. You will want to read more of her wonderful works, if you have not done so already. I could not put it down, I had to keep reading. It is inspiring and I believe if more folks read such works, they would see what things should and could be like today !

Linda Finn
Faithful Acres Books

I received this wonderful book from the author for my honest opinion and have received no other compensation from it.

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