Books, Books, Books !

On my bookshelf, In my Bible,  on my desk, on my kindle fire, on my kindle paperwhite….in my mind…lol

No matter how someone may say they hate to read, we need books. We need the written word.  To learn from, to be instructed by and to be corrected.  It has been sometimes Holy Spirit breathed, creatively written and now comes in so many forms , not everything is on paper today.  I am not sure if that is good or bad as I have many ways to read now and each has its own advantages.

I remember thinking and saying this morning that I don’t have to be the most smart woman on the earth and I surely am not going to try to attain to be !  But today I can read to gain knowledge that doesn’t have to remain stuck in my head for eternity .  Alot does remain there from reading though.

I love to read to learn, a new crochet pattern, a recipe for food that we might like to try, a way to garden , a story to my children, a book on health to better or way of living and get healthier . I read my Bible to learn what God has to say on all these things and compare what I read to it, so as not to pollute my  mind with unhealthy things.

So what do you read ?  What reasons do you read ?  Are you reading good things ?

Reading is a good and honorable thing to do and has a place in everyones life !



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