My Princess Devotions~Preschool Edition by Karen Whiting

A-Place-in-His-HeartI wanted to introduce you to the Sweetest Little Girls Devotional I have ever seen ! My Princess Devotions is so darling.  It has a small devotion for each day of the year and it could easily be used each year  and it would really reinforce God’s Word for girls.  Each devotion is in pink and white .  It has  4 sections in each devotion.  1. Royal Words 2. A Princess Thought 3. A Prayer for the King and 4. Princess in Action.  I love this little book, it just touched my heart and the cover is adorable. What a great gift for your little princess !  I feel it is a wonderful start to teaching Bible to your little girl and doing so each year could reap wonderful teachings from the Word, that would make it hidden in the heart.

I recieved this wonderful little book from Tyndale Blog Network for my honest review.

If you have a little girl I hope you will get her this tiny treasure , the benefits will last a lifetime.


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