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Holy Estrogen by Carol McLeod

What was God thinking when He created women who were driven, controlled and whipped into emotional submission by estrogen?!  Was it ever His plan for women to be the victims of a powerful hormone that is linked to mood disruptions only in women?

Estrogen is a major player in regulating moods – but it shouldn’t be the only player or even the most important one.  God inserted a valuable and dynamic chip into your emotional psyche the day that you were born – and it is the “overcome” chip.  You were pre-programmed for victory in every area of your life and that includes the emotional roller coaster of your soul.

Carol McLeod

I just love this book. As women when we are growing up we are seldomly taught to control our emotions and what all is entailed in doing so.   We are not taught how to have a meek and quiet spirit or how to attain that godly virtue.  But in Carol’s book, she shares the truth. She makes you laugh and at some points it may bring tears but I really love the way she shared with women on this much needed topic.  So weither your 16 or 50, it is a great read on womanhood and learning to live our lives the way God made us and how to do that when dealing with our emotions and hormonal issues.


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