Kathy Howard’s Fed Up with Flat Faith



Are you fed up with having Flat Faith…Your faith can be vibrant……

Desperate , Tired, Dry, Flat… Many Christians struggle with flat faith. What they really desire is a fiery, passionate, connected faith.  Fed Up with Flat Faith equips you with five attitudes and five actions that will have you preparing your heart and life for God’s activity in you life. Using practical and foundational faith principles from this book, combined with personal reflection questions, and the power of the Holy Spirit, your faith can become Dynamic. You don’t have  to live fed up with Flat Faith.

~ This is one awesome book !  The real life stories and Kathy’s guidance make this a winner in my book.  With biblical teaching and truly asking the holy spirit to help you , you can attain a vibrant faith.   Kathy does a fine job of helping us pump up our faith and take action to make our lives and those of others have real meaning and when we are full to the brim and over flowing in our faith, we can then pour forth into the lives of others the Joy we are experiencing.  I so highly recommend this book to individuals and groups of ladies who want  more in life,who are truly seeking to find their joy and walk in faith abundantly.

Kathy Howard


Kathy and her Husband Wayne have been married for 30 years and have three children, a son in law, and a grandchild.  She has been teaching bible to adults for more then 25 years.  She is actively involved in women’s ministry and speaks regularly at women’s events and conferences. She  holds a master’s degree in Christian education and a certificate in women’s ministry from the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary.

I was given this book by TCBN at http://www.bookfun.org for my honest opinion and have recieved no further compensation for doing so.


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