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Many people believe they are living fully surrendered lives to God, but when the worries of this world start to crowd in , they cry out in frustration and anger instead of bowing before Him and saying, “Thy will be done.”

But what does Jesus say about this ?    How did He lay down His life so willingly ?  By following the lives of Jesus, His mother Mary, and the apostles, we can discover what true surrender is all about.

Based on the award-winning novel Come to Me, Learning from he Master follows the life of Christ from birth to resurrection.  Each Chapter in the study will take you through the book Come to Me, giving you the opportunity to know Jesus in an intimate setting as He interacts with His family and friends. From there,  the study takes the reader through various topics such as faith, family, trust, doubt, and even wilderness experiences.  In addition, other topics of discussion include the significance of the Bethlehem star, the last supper, and of course the resurrection.

With over twenty topicsof discussion, Learning from the Master: Living a Surrendered Life is idea for your ladies bible study group, or for private study. EAch topic leaves the reader with a clear understanding of how to live a fully surrendered life.

~  I am wishing I had the book that went with this study !  I went through the study with my bible and a notebook and read what was in the study and the bible verses that correspond with the questions and it is a full and complete study of Christs Life and everything he dealt with and how we can learn to deal with lifes issues by looking at his life and what he went through.  I now want to get the book and read it and do the study, but this time I would like to do it with other women.  I thoroughly enjoyed walking with the Lord through this book and being able to see that I am truly not alone in all areas of life.   I think this study with Lauras book would be an excellent Ladies Bible Study !   I don’t think there was an area in my life that Laura hasn’t touched on in this book.  It helped me to really understand better even my thought process and even how the way I think or view things may be wrong.  It is a great self study to bring you and I closer to the Lord in all that we do and say.

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Laura has been a singer and a song writer for over twenty-five years, She turned to writing full-time after an emergency surgery caused the loss of her singing voice. Her debut novel, Come to Me, received a Reader’s Favourite Award for Historical Fiction. She appeared on 100 Huntley Street as both a singer and writer. She is a member of Canad’s largest community of writers who are Christian, The Word Guild. She is also a member of Christian Women’s Affiliate and The Christian Writer’s Guild. Laura currently resides in London,  Ontario with her husband, son and two cats. You can contact her to speak at your next event through her website at

I was given this book by the author for a winning on and am reviewing it with my own honest opinion, I have not recieved any further compensation for doing so.


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