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~ Time and space has a way of making us all look back on life and things, to evaluate what were doing and what direction we are heading in.  I am finding myself doing this more and more as I seek to do what the Lord would have me to do.  To me being here at home is where I am to be.  I am help-meet to my DH Mark, Mamma to my children, Grandmamma to my  grandchildren, so much more to those I know and those who know me.  But you know if you don’t do things you truly enjoy , your joy is short lived and you will eventually burn out.  I was burning out little over a year ago.  For many reasons, some that you know and some that you might have no idea.  I would like my life to be one that is open and where I take time to share with you, so that is what this new weekly topic of  ” This and That ” will be about, sharing my life with you my readers.

~  We live in rural upstate New York, I grew up in a small town that is about 11 miles from me, Cato, N.Y. ~  Folks here call it cow-town !!!!  We all laugh a bit when we say it but that just depicts how country it is here.  Small towns where most everyone knows each other, where we can come home, so to say and its like we never left.  I think we tend to make friendships and no matter how long we have been gone, its still like family when you see those you know.  I like that, I like my life to be personal, I like my relationships/ friendships to be personal and meaningful.


~ Today we live in Red Creek, N.Y. , its about 11 miles from Cato. Its a very small town , it has a small town feel to it and it needs a little growth in the near future.  They actually doubled the size of our library in the last couple years.  We also had a small town grocery open here.   I personally wish it was a bigger one but hey, you add as you can right ?   I don’t want  Walmart here and I am sure no one here wants a huge store here either.  We  travel about 20 miles anyway we go to shop in bigger stores.  That to me leaves us with a homey feel to our town.  We have a few churches in the town and in surrounding areas.  We have one gas station in town and we have a gas station /truck stop with a small nice diner about 3/10  of a mile from my home.  At night I can see the lights from there in the distance from my bedroom window during the winter when the leaves are gone.  Folks here are not overly well to do, least that is the way it seems to me, it is a farming community for the most part.  Our Homestead here is surrounded by 120 acres of fields that grow corn and the most awesome hay that I get to see harvested each summer to fall.  We are blessed that they are no longer sprayed with pesticides and herbicides .  Sadly, to me the neighbors  old apple orchards getting taken out and used to plant corn really changed the area. He has a lovely farm just down the road and for years they harvested apples, but as his parents aged and now are gone, gone went the old barn and the orchard.   See , life changes and we all evaluate what were doing and what is working for us and change things to bring about better futures for ourselves and our families.



~ Some things never change here… We have always been blessed with beautiful sunsets !  I so love and enjoy them.    The things I like and enjoy have not changed much over the years and I sometimes don’t take well to change.  I love the change of seasons, fall is my favorite time of year.  I do love winter, I love snow but as I age I don’t like cold.   I love all things ” country ” and never have and never will consider myself a city person.  I am 100 percent  a country girl at heart.   I grew up in Cato, back then there were like 3000 people there, but it didn’t seem like it.  I married and moved out of state to N.H. for 14 years, tried city living in an apartment and townhouse ,  and then moved to the country there.  N.H. is a lovely place, but too rich for my blood.  I moved back to N.Y. and  as a single mom back in 2000, I tried trailer park living, not for me !   I like living in my home where you don’t hear your neighbors talking and where the air is clean.    I know…some people thrive on the hustle and bustle of the city or in town life… I thrive on peace, quiet and open spaces !   I like that when someone pulls in my front yard and comes to the house, I know they are here to see me and we can sit , enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee or tea  and have a good visit !

~  Where do you live ? What do you like about it ?  What things do you enjoy ? Where do you find peace ?  What gives you joy in life ?

~ Until next time …..


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