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I hope you enjoy my review of  ” The Old Schoolhouse Magazine ”, I wanted to come and share this with you as there was so much that I enjoyed in the November/December issue.  When I first received this issue, I thought well I don’t do Christmas like everyone else, so I wasn’t sure what I would fine in there for us to use.   Well I was pleasantly surprised!  I found many things that not only are of use to us, but also a lot that made me think about our homeschooling adventure.  I have felt like we were in a rut at times lately, but the magazine let me know that I wasn’t alone and that there were many ways to change what we were doing and get us out of our rut.  Let me share some of the things I found in this issue, that really were a blessing to me.

A little history for you first, this is my 24th year of homeschooling. I have 4 older children who are already on their own ages 20, 24, 27 and 30.  They were home-schooled till high school and some went on to attend christian school, public school and my oldest son went on to just take the GED test and graduated.  We are a very blended family.  I was married for 14 years, had children, went through a divorce and then two years later remarried.  My husband and I have three little ones ages 11, 10 and 5.  So I feel like I started over and I really did.  When I married again, my youngest of the older ones was 9 and then I started having more children.  Sometimes at 49 years old, I feel like I am burning out, I didn’t want to but I was.   God knew what I needed and I think it was this issue of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine!

Before I even opened the magazine, I was intrigued by the cover shot of the old red schoolhouse,  being the artist and country loving woman I am,   I really loved the photo used of the Old schoolhouse  and enjoyed the story written inside about that schoolhouse.  Also to see one of the articles inside was ” 8 Reading Strategies that Work ” grabbed my attention,  you see we had a slow start in learning to read with my girls.  Faith 11 never started reading very well until 2 years ago.  We never knew she needed glasses, so when we learned she did and she got some I felt like we flew through a lot of learning to read lessons.  Hope 10 was already reading pretty well.  Daniel 5 is learning a bit slower, but that is OK.  So it truly blessed me that there was something new in there for us.  Throughout the magazine there were articles on Loving Reading, 10 Tips for teaching reading and programs for learning to read to try, what a blessing!

With all the world events we had been talking about the Constitution lately and we saw there was a lesson on the Fifth Amendment, We believe it is important to learn the founding laws of the land, before we forget and loose them.  It seems today we are facing loosing our rights guaranteed in the Constitution.   We found this a nice addition to our home and now we will be reading the back issues and teaching them to our children.  Thank you TOS!

One of the things we are striving to do is teach our children to serve others, to desire to want to help others in life.  So finding an article also on Teaching Children to serve was a nice plus. We want our children to have godly character and a servant’s heart and be like Christ.

I read the articles also on this holiday season , the article on gifts for your children was full of items that could be used year round and not just something for that day or week, this impressed me as we are always seeking to find things that are usable all year.  I loved the article about Creating Holiday Fun with Little Ones, we got to learn a recipe for Friendship Trail Mix, and we made our own cards after reading Creating Homemade cards and made Homemade Sugar Scrub.  Awesome gifts to give to others and can be done year round for Arts and Crafts.

TOS not only met my needs where I am with my little ones but it also went on to address high schooling, dual enrollment, it even touched on parents going back to college.  So no matter where you are in your walk in homeschooling or in life, TOS is your magazine!

Did you know that TOS has an app!  The benefits of TOS to your homeschooling and your life are just so many and to me that is such a benefit to our family and our homeschooling adventure.  I don’t feel alone, I don’t feel like were behind or stuck in a rut anymore.  There is help out there and a lot of it is free!  Who doesn’t need that?  Everyone needs The Old Schoolhouse Magazine! It touches on every subject in homeschooling and in life!  I highly recommend this magazine to all Homeschooling Families and Moms! You can learn more about The Old Schoolhouse Magazine pick up their App for your Apple, Android or Kindle and make this Magazine part of your life today!  

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Until next time

~ Linda ~

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