~ Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow !!!! ~

We woke up this morning to a chilly 3 degrees F Brrrr ! House as a bit chilly but its warmed up nicely in here now that I loaded the wood furnace. I have spent my morning cleaning, dusting and organizing in the kitchen this morning ! I made a list of all the herbs I have and intend to start studying more so about using herbs and essential oils, so I will be sharing with you as I do the books I am using for information on the herbs and such. I am thinking I am going to add these posts to a new website I am working on and eventually make it visible for you all to use in the future.



I know your saying what on earth is all that on the shelf right  ?  Well let see, so far on bottom shelf is herbal and nutritional books and binders filled with homesteading ideaas and old newsletters I got , no longer in print that I am aware of.  ie. Women of Simplicity, New Harvest Homestead, pages from Sarah’s Promise and An Encouraging Word.  Amish Quilting patterns and other such wonderful stuff.  Next shelf up is Cook Books, Amish, Mennonite, bulk and Healthy ones.  The next shelf up is all my back issues of Coming Home Journal, Keepers at Home and other Mags I really like.  Top Shelf left is small cookbooks, apple box filled with other mag. articles, Plain interest newspapers and  Pioneer Magazine and to the right is recipe clippings that will be going into a scrapbook I am working on.  The taller shelves are filled with Herbs and soon all my other herbal, essential oil, nutritional healing books.  I highly recommend  books by Dr and Mrs Balch,  Shonda Parker Prof. Cert. Herbalist , Dr David Frahm  ND , and various other books and periodicals.

One thing I need to get is a mortar and pestal for doing the herbs and more essential oils and carrier oils and bottles to mix in  along with other nutritional things.

I  also mixed up our pancake mix in bulk this morning !

Have lots to  do, so until later !


~ Linda ~