~ The Biggest Blessing ~

Happy 2014 !   Jan 2nd I learned of the biggest blessing of this year so far !  My Son Wesley James Officer and his Bride Cora Lee gave birth to a Son, Logan James !  Iam so excited, not for me but for my oldest son who has always wanted children.  His dreams are coming true !!!!  He has his wife Cora who he loves with all his heart and now a baby son to love.  He has been the best son and always loving to his siblings and children and will be the best father to his son.  Nice part is that Logan gets to grow up on a farm, with lots of animals and learn the value of hard work and I am sure he will have a wonderful character and knowing his daddy, I just know he will be the sweetest little guy !  Welcome to this world Logan James, Grandma loves you and the whole family cannot wait to meet you and see your smile.  You are this years biggest blessing from the Lord !

Love Always



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