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Grandpas Farm

Lovingly made by Ruth May Fisher (my grandmother)

for  Henry Raymond Fisher (my grandfather)

~ Well many of you know that I was interviewed by Author Mona Hodgson about Quilts in my family and why they mean so much to me.  If you never got to read that interview you can find it on her site  http://monahodgson.com/2013/12/guest-quilter-1/


Sampler Quilt

Made by Ruth May Fisher (my grandmother)


Baby Quilt lovingly made for  Nancy Fisher Davenport (my aunt)

by  Bertha Louise Kells ( my great grandmother) Grandma Ruth’s Mom.

As you can see, there was much love in our family , my Grandmother Ruth loved my Grandfather Ray a whole bunch and she loved the farm a lot too.  We all got to experience that love when we visited the farm.  Grandma never started her quilting until older.  But through the years there were many ways she showed us that she cared.  Awesome food was one way !  My Grandparents loved having the whole family over at the farm for the holidays.  My Grandma Ruth loved it when we all grew up and had babies and  she loved having us visit them.

As you can see my Great Grandmother Kells was very creative also.  She loved to make eye glass pins and felt mittens on clips and I can imagine that her creative side was what spurred my Grandmother Ruth to do so in her later years.

It is that creative spirit that I am sure inspired my mom Gloria Bradt and in turn inspires me today ! I think that is what inspires my sister Jeanette to quilt and sew also.  Over the coming days I want to share with you pieces of our lives that include quilts and the things that stitched us together as a family.  The farming tradition was carried down by many of us in ways large and small and I know that Grandpas Farm Quilt was my Grandmother Ruths way of showing just that and her love for Grandpa.  It is a  Legacy of Love !  One we all carry in our Hearts !

Tomorrow, I will share with you another quilt my Grandmother made !  I hope you will come back for a visit.

Today’s Quilt Pattern  Winner !!!!! Diana Montgomery


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  1. I don’t have any stories of quilting/quilters in my family. I am the first to quilt for a long time (if ever). 🙂 BUT, I do LOVE quilts… and love quilting. One of these days I’ll do more of it!

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