Day 2: Families are Stitched Together With Love ~ Giveaway ~


Today I want to share with you another quilt that my Grandmother Ruth May Fisher made.  This quilt was lovingly made for my Aunt Sue Bartoszewski.  I so love the color scheme and the pattern.  It is truly lovely and a Labor of Love.  My Grandmother made a quilt for each of her 6 children who she loved dearly.




Grandma Ruth was a lover of Red !

It shows in this quilt she made for my Aunt Sue.

Grandma also made Tree Skirts and Table Cloths. and here is the one she made and gave to Aunt Sue.


I am not aware of how many she made total, but I do know that several belong to family members.

I love the eyelet lace she used around the edge of this one .

Now I want to share with you a sweet and loving present given to my Aunt Sue by her Daughter in Law Nancy Bartoszewski ( wife to my cousin Ed)


I hope your enjoying the quilts in our family !

Now for the next Giveaway !!!!

Today’s Quilt E-Pattern  Winner !!!! Mona Hodgson is  Day 2’s WINNER !!!


Giveaway: Each Day I will be offering a different Quilt E-pattern.

This e-pattern will be emailed to the winner  by me, I have purchased these special for this weeks giveaways !

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So you want to know how you win right…Here it is !

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The person who comes each day this week and comments daily, will be entered in a Special Surprise Giveaway ! ( Something Special from Me)

Blessings and Much Love,


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  1. My great grandma gave me a wedding ring quilt when I was younger.
    I am loving this blog!
    Campbellamyd at gmail dot com

  2. I am glad your all enjoying the posts ! Thank you for sharing Amy and Diana ! Couldn’t think of a better way to kick of the book Mona, then to share familyquilts. Wait till you see what I have for next few days !

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