My Baby Boy… He will be 6 in two days !

I can hardly believe that Daniel will be 6 years old soon ! I remember the day we came home.  That day was nasty, ice storm, snow, cold cold and my friend Toni Pavo came down that day and delivered baby goats with my Son Wesley and lol Today she is delivering goats from that baby that was born that day….Is that ironic or what…

So here we are this morning, Drinking Coffee, talking about what were going to do with tax return and making plans for the future.  Yes were going to use it to get out of debt and stay out of debt for good.  I did well in that area, even if DH didn’t keep to the rules we set down at the time.  This time were going to stick to the rules, Right Honey ?  Right Honey ?


Hey, I read a book this week ” The Secrets of Happy Families ”  come back and read my review Friday ok… Interesting but good little book !


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