One More Day !

In some ways I feel like I have come full circle in 6 years. Tomorrow will be exactly 6 years since I gave birth to my son Daniel Josiah Finn , He bares an uncanny resemblance to my Oldest Son Wesley James Officer !  If you look at Pictures of them when younger , they look so much alike they could be twins.  I guess the Lord knew that one day Wesley would grow up , get married and no longer be with me and so he gave me Daniel to take and fill that space in my life.  I miss Wesley a lot, but I am proud of him for being the man he is , Godly, Strong and a wonderful Husband to Cora Lee and now a father to Logan James.  Now he gets to know the wonders of being a parent.  Hopefully Logan won’t challenge him quite as sorely as Wes tried me in his growing up years.   Daniel is my little trooper, does things I tell his sisters to do and He does have his times of challenging me, but that has just started and he knows he cannot get away with it.  He still has his times of needing me to hold him and being close to me and that is a wonderful thing.  In many ways I hope he doesn’t get as arrogant as the other boys were when young.  Yes my son Michael is the strong willed one, but he too had his time of sweet little boy charm , from baby till about 9… Boys are wonderful, they have a time of challenging you and they have to do that as they seek to become the men they will become.  I thank the Lord they each still hug me and tell me they love me.

Tomorrow is Daniels Birthday of 6 years , I love the Little Man he is and someday I know I will love the Strong Man he will become !  My mother’s love will never cease for my boys !



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