The Simple Woman’s Daybook ~ Jan 31st, 2014


The Simple Woman’s Daybook

Outside my window…   No Snow on the roads ! Its warming up and for here in Central NY, thats great !
I am thinking… It was great to finally talk to my son Wesley James and hear more about his feelings on having a son and a wife who loves them.
I am thankful…   For my DH, My Children all 7 of them and my 7 grandchildren.
In the kitchen… Dishes from last nights party need doing !  Daniel’s 6th Birthday !
I am wearing… Blue Jeans and a long sleved blue shirt..
I am creating… My New Website ! I have not had one in over 6 years.
I am going…  To stay home today ! OK so I have been home on the range for 2 months…I am a home body in winter time.
I am wondering…  When will get me my order electronically…
I am reading…  Balanced by Tricia Goyer
I am hoping…  Someday to see my new Grandson Logan…
I am looking forward to…  Being with Jesus one day !
I am learning… I only need to do those things that God has called me to do.
Around the house…  I am organizing all my things, sewing, quilting, book related things.
I am pondering…  Making the quilt for Wesley and Cora Lee and another for Baby Logan
A favorite quote for today…   Keep it Simple !
One of my favorite things…  Chocolate !
A few plans for the rest of the week:  Work on more organizing of the house.
A peek into my day…  I have not done much yet at almost 9 am, I was up late like past two talking with my oldest son and but I was up by 7:59… So far I feel ike someone ran over me… body hurts and I do believe that Cake and Ice Cream were too much for it to handle without side effects… Pain, edema and I feel like I have a cold coming on .  Astragalus is my friend !  Waiting to see if today is the day my order from The Bulk Herb Store comes with my Detox Tea and all the other goodies that I ordered to help us get healthy and for me to loose weight.  That is on the goals for this year.

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