Indoor Phys Ed with the Nintendo Wii !

As you know its been very cold and snowy here in the Northeast.  We felt bad that we couldn’t let the kids outdoors on so many bitterly cold days and they just were sitting down doing things and not physically active.   DH decided to  buy the kids a Wii  !  I was sceptical.  I must say though that given their competitive nature , it is a good thing for them during winter time.  Well they wanted to test it out and decided to try each game through out the day…LOL

As a kid I often heard ” No pain , No gain ” right….smile    Well, they over did it and boy were they sore for doing so.

They were hootin and hollerin, Jumping around, Cheering and egging each other on to higher levels and It was rather a loud day !!!    Lastnight my oldest daughter said to me ” Mom, my arm hurts, my elbow is killing me and it hurts all the way to my hand “.  This morning she is sore big time, but they are working it all out, soreness and stiffness that is.

Hope was sore too, but seems to be doing ok now.  Today the Wii is a little less active and its much quieter !

~ Linda~

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