Getting Started with Sourdough with Joanne Bischof

Today I wanted to share something really homey with you and by homey I mean something that truely goes with making a home and caring for our families.  My wonderfully talented sister in Christ Joanne Bischof has made us a video of how to make Sourdough Bread. I can smell it baking in the oven and just taste the wonderful goodness, Can’t you ?  This is an art and a forgotten one at that, I hope you enjoy Joanne’s Video and I hope you are challenged to try making this yourself !   While your thinking on warm, wonderful Home things, you will want to check out Joanne’s books, they are just filled with Home, Great food and well what I call All Things Home and All Things Country !

Enjoy !!!!

You can find Joanne at the following places to connect :



I hope you will check Joanne out and I have to say that I have and am totally enjoying her books ! She is an awesome stay at home mom and author !  But she is also my Christian Sister and that makes us family !

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2 thoughts on “Getting Started with Sourdough with Joanne Bischof

  1. What a warm, cozy post, Linda! Unfortunately, I can hardly replace a button that falls off, and I’m even more inept than that when it comes to baking . . . but Joanne knows how much I enjoy her writing and it’s fun just to watch this video. My rural north Ga grandmother could make the best biscuits from scratch, as well as other baked goodies, though she failed to successfully pass that talent along to me.

    Joann’s video makes me think of Christa Parrish’s book, Stones for Bread, which is about a chef who uses a sourdough starter brought over from Germany by her grandmother. Thanks for sharing the video, Linda!

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