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The Ransom Pre-release Party Week 2!


Port Royal, Jamaica 1692
Living in a city deemed the wickedest in the world is no easy task for Miss Juliana Dutton. To make matters worse, with an ailing father and a drunken fool for a brother, she is forced to take over the running of the family business in order to survive. When a meddlesome suitor threatens to discover her secret and cast them all onto the streets, she agrees to a spurious engagement with the town buffoon, Lord Munthrope. She only hopes the man is trustworthy.
The Pirate Earl, Alexander Hyde, son of the infamous Captain Edmund Merrick Hyde, is the most feared pirate in Port Royal. Disillusioned with the religion of his parents and the pleasures of the world, Alex staves off his emptiness by leading a dual life to hide his deepest secrets.
A long-time enemy is out to destroy Alex and take Juliana for his own. Struggling to maintain her faith in the Divine, Juliana faces her problems bravely, but the harder she tries, the more it seems everything is working against her. Unwittingly, she and her weak fiancé become entangled in the hostility between  the Pirate Earl and his enemy, while even more dangerous forces are rising up to destroy them all.

Allow me to present to you the hero


Alexander Edward Hyde, Lord Munthrope

What can I say? Alex is a hunk. I modeled him after the actor, Chris Hemsworth. Need I say more? He’s 25, tall, built, with coal black hair and indigo eyes. But it isn’t his looks that command respect, it’s his confidence, his demeanor, and his intelligence. Not to mention his skill with a cutlass. Sent to Port Royal as a preacher at age 20, Alex gave up on God after tragedy struck, threw off the religious shackles of his youth, and plunged into a life of debauchery. Soon, his skill and wit made him the most feared pirate in Port Royal, the Pirate Earl. But even that success left Alex empty. He longs for a father’s approval, a man who was absent most of Alex’s childhood, “saving the lost”. Consequently, Alex is mad at God—if He even exists—for stealing his father away. His new life’s philosophy is eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die. In fact, Alex welcomes death. At least in the grave he wouldn’t feel the emptiness clawing away at his insides anymore. That is, until he meets the enchanting Juliana Dutton.

Strengths: Charming, Intelligent, Skilled, Successful, Courageous, Kind, Honorable
Weaknesses: Proud, Pessimistic, Volatile, Bitter, Sad, Empty, filled with Shame
Quirks:  Alex runs his thumb and forefinger down the sides of his mouth when he is thinking—a unique gesture that may give his true identity away.
Inspiration: Alex is an odd mixture of the character types of King, Bad Boy, and Wounded Hero.  He really isn’t a bad boy, though he behaves like one some of the time. He wants to be king of his world and manages to elevate himself to a position of great power, but inside he still longs for the approval of his father. And, though he had loving, Godly parents, he is deeply wounded by their long absences in his childhood. He feels abandoned by not only by them, but by God Himself, if the Almighty even exists. Alex has come to doubt many things, especially the very meaning of life.  Alex is the kind of man who wears the crusty hard exterior of a villain but who inside is a man of honor and character and goodness. Who wouldn’t love a man like that?

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