Tomorrow: My Review of Distortion by Terri Blackstock and Thank you !

I hope you will join me tomorrow Feb 26th for My review of Terri’s book Distortion and the Info for her giveaway.

Today was a busy and yet somewhat  stressful day for me.  Why is it we stress about things God calls us to do ?

I knew a year or so ago that the Lord wanted me to share things from my life with other girls and women, but I wasn’t sure in what way that would come about. He has made a way for me to try writing and I have learned alot this past year while reading and reviewing, influencing for Authors.  I still am not so sure I consider myself a writer but I will give it my best shot from the heart !

I want to thank all my Author, Reader fans for supporting me in Life and In Prayers and I hope each of you will continue on in prayer for me and my family as I strive to bring honor and glory to the Lord.  You have no idea how much this means to me for your love in Christ to be shed upon me in so many ways.

Blessings and Much Love,

~ Linda~

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