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In Balanced, author and homeschooling mom Tricia Goyer shares her tips for finding balance among all your many hats as a mom.

Balanced: Finding Center as a Work-at-Home Mom 

How can a work-at-home mom raise kids, juggle a career and take care of family responsibilities with only 24-hour days? Working at home while raising kids and juggling a career and family responsibilities is no easy feat. Author and homeschooling mom Tricia Goyer shares her tips for finding balance among all your many hats as a mom. Balancing is a process and a journey, one that Tricia herself has yet to perfect. But between writing more than forty books, raising and homeschooling six kids, being a wife, and being active in her community, she has amassed valuable tips she shares in “Balanced.”

The book includes tips on:
—how to create focus themes for your family
—how to prioritize your schedule
—how to utilize your job so it also benefits your kids
—how to keep yourself out of the comparison game
—how to make working at home work for you
—and much more!

Tricia Goyer

USA Today best-selling author Tricia Goyer is the author of over 35 books, including the three-book Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors series and “Lead Your Family Like Jesus,” (co-written with Ken Blanchard). She has written over 500 articles for national publications and blogs for high traffic sites like and She is the host of Living Inspired, a weekly radio show. Tricia and family live in Little Rock, Arkansas. They have six children. You can find out more about Tricia at

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My Review of Balanced

I must say that when I heard of this wonderful book, I was seeking to find a way to have many things.

More Time to spend with my family, More time with God, More time to help others and More time to Write, Read and Feel whole.  So what is a mom to do right ?   I prayed and spend time reading Bible, Reading books on parenting and how to have a great marriage.  While I still didn’t feel like I had the answers and I surely didnt’ feel like i had it all together.  Yes I know Mom’s at age 50 should have it all together, but I don’t.    I am not the perfect Wife, Not the perfect mom and I don’t get time to go out and be with others alot of times.  We homeschool and that is hard for me, even  with 4 older ones who are out on their own now.  Yes I started homeschooling in 1990.  sorta gave up and let my oldest go to a baptist church school and then had more children and started again to homeschool them, well we made it through to teenage rebellion stage and they wanted to go to public school and given that we were a broken home, they went to live with their Dad for a time and did attend public school.  Most all of them came back home and eventually got their GED’s and went on to college or to work and live life.  I am proud of each of them.

~So here I am at age 50 and not feeling so balanced…smile~

Along comes this new book on finding center in life as a work at home mom ! I thought at the time ” Wow, Lord this has got to be an answer to prayer ” , but Lord I have read so many books and not every thing works for everyone and Lord you have called me to do many things and I don’t know where to start….  but I will give this book a try.  When I started reading Tricia’s Book I could tell that the evil one was causing me a lot of tension, Kids went crazy that night, acting out and fighting, DH wasn’t in a good mood and here I was just needing some sleep and yet this book was on my kindle and calling to me.   So at 10pm I started reading and didn’t stop till 2 am, no I didnt’ finish the book that night. I read, prayed, kept reading and prayed more. Talked to the Lord and  shed plenty of tears.  This book touched my heart !  It met me right where I was at and brought me full circle to stand as always right before the Lord.  Do I have it all together ? No, but what I do have is a desire to work harder to make it all work.  I know that God the Father sees me and knows my heart and my hearts desire. I know to that most women don’t deal with some things I do.  He knows that I long to do so many things in life and yet I feel like for 50 years they have been put off for one reason or another , someone else’s plans for life and living.  A year ago, I read a book that got me really excited about reading again.  It led to reading and reviewing christian authors books.  After a year and a half, it has led to me sharing about my life and all the things that the Lord has brought me through.  I have  for years had a desire to help girls going through teen pregnancy. I also have  a desire to help women who may have suffered rape, pregnancy, miscarriages , abusive relationships and divorce.  So Lord, How do I do that all from home and make it work ?  Well here came Tricia’s book to show me that I wasn’t alone and I could surely find my answers by seeking the Lord, following biblical teaching, loving my family and still occasionally having time to do something to help others.  And the best part is she reminded me I don’t have to feel guilty about being me or about taking some time for myself to be who I truly am in the Lord.

~ I know too that I don’t have to feel ashamed of who I am ~

I totally enjoyed this book and want to thank Tricia for being open, honest and such a blessing to women.  She is a wonderful Author, Sister in the Lord and a friend to so many.  She has encouraged me to seek God, Be myself, Share my heart and Love my life in Christ.

I hope you will get a copy of this book and I hope you will find a mentor like Tricia or I and just seek the Lord and grow in Him.

Until Next Time


I received a free ebook copy for my kindle in return for my honest opinion and have received no further compensation for doing so.

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  1. Not feeling particularly balanced here either, so this book might be a good thing for me to read. Thanks so much for the info and your thoughts. Appreciate it!:)

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