Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

Well that is what they say right !  When all else seems to be wrong, someone has failed you and hurt you deeply, nothing seems to be going right. Start over…  I continue to ask God daily Why ?  What should I do Lord ?  How do I make it work with my own disabilities ?   How do I get there from here ?    I know your saying ” Linda, you don’t have a clue whats been going on “.  Well, if you want to talk about Teen Pregnancy, Rape, Abuse, Bad Marriages, Mental Illness , Depression, Physical Disability, Vitamin Deficiency , Rebellious Children , Tight Budget, Alcoholic Spouses , Unsaved Spouses, Living in a Shelter etc.  Need I say more ?   Been there , Done That !  but I am saying, let it go and start over.

Anger, Bitterness,Stress  can and will eat you alive , it will ruin your health.  Yes you can be angry and it is ok to be angry if you have a good reason to be so.  I personally don’t hold on to grudges , so being bitter doesn’t work. That is anger that is allowed that causes you to want to lash out at someone else or not be around others.  It is a hateful attitude for someone or something. Stress will literally make you ill. Constant stress can wear you down and cause depression,physical pain and steal your Joy.  Sometimes you have to get rid of the source of your stress in order to get well.  I know you are thinking I can’t get rid of it…  Yes you literally can.  Do stop allowing the Drama and Abuse in your life.  You Draw the line and don’t allow anyone to cross it.

You do this for You and for your Kids.  You do it to regain your sanity, so to say.  You do it so that you do not become sick, literally.  You do it because God does not want you living in the state you have been in.  You ask everyone you know to pray for you and your children.  You do the best you can, even if money isn’t there and you don’t be afraid to ask for help.  And you don’t bare your heart to anyone you cannot trust.  Those who have been where you are, are usually the ones to trust, they know just how you feel and where your heart is at.

Today, I am starting over, for Me and for My Kids.

~ Linda ~

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