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Mastering 5th Grade Math Review

DVD Volume 1


Are you a busy mom striving to teach more then one grade at a time ? Well I may have the answer to part of your busy schooling schedule.  If teaching Math is getting you and your child down Mastering 5th Grade Math from   may be for you !  Or if your child needs a tutor in Fractions, this is definitely for you.  Mastering 5th Grade Math – Volume 1 – Fractions:  is a Physical DVD with worksheet PDF Worksheets and Answer files included.
For Grades 4-6

$15.99 Review

I received this 2 DVD series. One DVD contains the Video Lessons and the other contains the Worksheets and Digital Files.  You can place the one DVD in the PC for viewing the Lessons given by Jason Gibson who will be your childs teacher. Jason has advanced degrees in Engineering and Physics. He worked as a Rocket Scientist for NASA, and has a passion for teaching Science and Math !

DVD 1 contains 16 lessons to bring our child to a full understanding of Fractions with step by step lessons, that plus practice will bring your student to a complete knowledge of just how fractions are used.  Jason has helped thousands of students master Math at all levels.  The Secret is never skip any steps when teaching a student any concept ~ no matter how elementary.

1. Review of Fraction Concepts

2. Writing Fractions as Words

3. Finding Factors of a Number

4. Finding The Greatest Common Factor (GCF)

5. Finding The GCF of 3 Numbers

6. Prime Factorization

7. Equivalent Fractions

8. Renaming Fractions

9. Simplifying Fractions, Part 1

10. Simplifying Fractions Part 2

11. Review of Improper Fractions

12. Review of Mixed Fractions

13. Converting Mixed Fractions to Improper Fractions

14. Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Fractions

15. Thinking about Fractions as Division

16. Writing a Whole Number as a Fraction

Jason guides the student through the material with numerous example problems, explaining every step along the way. Each subsequent problem is more challenging than the last, and quickly the student will see that every concept is completely understandable.  With this confidence, the student will succeed.

DVD 2 contains the last piece of the puzzle. The Student is provided with worksheets to test mastery of every topic. This combination of step-by-step teaching along with practice worksheets that follow the video lessons is the fastest and easiest way for any student to Master Math ! It also contains the answer key for all worksheets


~ I have to say that I really enjoy this series.  Since this year I am taking on writing a book and time is limited to do this.  I like that my Dear Husband Mark can sit the girls down, put in the DVD and Math class begins.  Then if the girls have any questions he is there to help them while I work with our son Daniel or work on writing.  After the lesson the girls then get to work on the worksheets we have previously  printed out for them to do that day. They can even go back and watch the video again if needed.  I like that , as we don’t have to constantly repeat ourselves.  We are there to be involved to answer questions and if we don’t know the answers , we have an expert teacher who does know the answers. I can write in what were going to do.  Insert the DVD, point , click and were learning !


I think the girls like it for the fact that someone else is teaching them. As you can see Hope is paying close attention to everything that Jason is teaching. They use Dad’s Laptop for doing their lessons daily.


We like Mastering Math with Jason !  Hope is very happy to be learning in a new way and not just from books and Mom. Each lesson takes approximately 30 mins and holds the girls attention.  We feel that it is important that these lessons get the point across in a fairly short amount of time , so that the girls are not feeling its boring and taking to long.


On average so far there are 10 practice questions per page , 3 pages per lesson.  Math has become so much better for us since using Mastering Math 5 Fractions.  The girls are actually asking us for their worksheets  and happy to do Math !

Thank you Jason Gibson and for making Fractions more fun for us !

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