Our Family Priorities: Day 1 of The Challenge with Tricia Goyer

!.  Our Family will read the bible ,devotional and pray in the morning, before or during breakfast.

2. We will pray and commit the school day to the Lord. (we home-school)

3. We will try to eat  healthy balanced meals throughout the day.  (Less Carbs, more salads, veggies and fruit, smoothies ect.)

4.  We will eat supper at the table together nightly.

5.  We will celebrate Birthdays and give thanks for them.

6.  We will read stories of godly character and moral uprightness together before bedtime.

7.  We will strive to keep a clean and healthy home.

8.  We shall strive to Serve and Bless Others ,when and where we have the means to do so.

~ Linda ~

Get Balanced!
Tricia Goyer Balanced

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