Day 3 Balanced Challenge: How I can involve my children in my work !

Get Balanced!
Tricia Goyer Balanced Balanced by Tricia GoyerDay 3How I can try to involve my kids in my work !I really had to give this some thought and it sure helps to read how others are doing this. I have 3 children at home DD 11, DD 10 and DS 6.  The writing I am doing right now for a book I really cannot include them in  as it is part of my life experiences as a young woman going through a teen pregnancy.  So, if I cannot involve them I try to find things for them to do while I am busy writing.  They like to do arts and craft projects, so drawing or anther art project can be done.  When I can involve them in my writing I will seek to do the following things.1. Have them help me with research on the areas needed.2. Bring them with me to gather information or things needed.3. Bring them with me to events.4. My girls love to draw, so they can illustrate some for me.5. While I work they love to bake, cook and fix special foods for us.6. I can have them help me prepare for get togethers we have here in our home.I will be honest to say that at times they  truly bless me in fixing the food or cleaning for me. It is truly for our whole family.  I find some chores and household things hard to do now. Since 2001 when I had an accident my back, neck and leg issues have gotten worse.  So standing, bending, lifting and squatting are very hard for me.Even my hands give me fits as the Dr says I have tendonitis, so typing this isn’t comfortable but I press on.  I am feeling a strong calling on my heart for sharing those things that the Lord has brought me through. It is truly a way that I can share my life and heart with others and bring glory to the Lord. It is a strong calling, for years the Lord has been saying ” Lin, share what I have done for you”.  There is so much the Lord has done for me in my life.  It is Him who receives all the glory and honor for what he has done for me.This year I want to get my girls writing more and I have been looking at ideas everyone else has out there, journaling ( I so wish I had journaled all my life) Think of all the notes that I would have by now to share with my girls)I have long admired those who have the ability to share by writing, as i never considered myself a writer.But here I am writing a book.  I had written a few poems in the past and love poetry, but never thought on writing a book till last year. And here I am speedbo participant 2014. I am at 7500 words so far !~ Linda ~

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