How to Make Working from Home Work: Balanced Challenge Day 2


~ Day 2 ~

~ So here we are on Day 2 of The Balanced Challenge.  I believe today’s assignment was to organize our office, study area, desk, calendar.  I keep telling myself that I am going to go get a larger calendar or use one on my PC. So far I have not done that and with the rate its snowing, I am staying in today, tomorrow and I might as well hibernate for the rest of this winter season.  Were having a blizzard and My desk upstairs is in a sad state of repair.  I will get it sorted and organized soon.  The bedroom where my office area is, well its under construction. Its being revamped. We decided to rip out all that lathe and plaster. We have sheetrocked the whole room and it needs sanding, priming and painting.  DH won’t go for any painting till we can open all the windows and let fresh air in.  So that is on hold for now but I am telling you when its nice out and that room is painted, well I will be redoing my built in desk bookselves up there so that I can work on things early in morning before the children get up.

~ Now Calendar, we can talk about that. Tricia said share pictures…lol  OK its  crazy and I should use my blog planner I have to do that stuff. I have most everything here for making a household planner ect and fully intend to do that this year.


Very messy as it is a small calendar, so here is where I need to improve. When I get my desk done, I plan on one of those desktop huge calendars with large squares I can write in all my dates for things. I am also planning to do a blog planner and a household planner , maybe even a pantry planner. Lots of room for improvement here. I do like Google Calendar on my pc, but I really need to learn how to use it better. I have a sweet author friend who gave me different colored pens, so I am thinking that these will work well to use in a calendar/planner in the near future. Also highlighters too…such a thoughtful gift ! I am not ready to share the desk that were building in just yet, I cannot paint it till we finish the bedroom this spring/summer.  Yes I wish I was totally organized, but for now this is where I am at.


I will admit that Tricia’s book Balanced, Women Living Well and a few other books like  Organizing your Prayer Closet are wonderful books to get you started in Living a balanced, organized life.



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