Day 5 Balanced Challenge: Rank Those Priorities


  1. Things I have to do ( caring for, feeding and homeschooling children)
  2. Things I should do  (Dishes, Laundry, Cleaning, Fixing Food, Making sure Kids Bathe, Serving Others and Fellowship with other believers)
  3. Things I want to do ( My website w/blog (new), Read Books, Crochet, Quilt, Sew)
  4. Things I’m doing to “look good” or doing out of guilt (For me this is stop doing anything I enjoy and do what everyone else expects me to do)

I am going to be point blank honest. My van is dead, its been dead for over 4 months.  I have not left my domain for 3 months, not even to shop.( I let my DH) I hate the rat race of running to do stuff all the time. I am here in the Home. To me that is a good thing. Most of the time its relaxing just to be home. I am not much on calendars, but I keep on for my blog/to do list. (I am working on this area) I have a binder I found that I truly think I am going to love and intend to use. I also have a blog planner I am intending to use. I like using things I can see at a glance.  I would like to get one of those huge desk calendars that has 3×3 squares to write in for the day, so I can see all of it on that, but have it all written down in my planners into a combined large Binder. I want to have sections in my Binder for a Household planner, Homeschool planner and a Pantry planner. My favorite binders can be found at A Well Kept Home.

The binders I like I found at
Well Kept Home Planner Package


I was looking around for free ideas and came across this pinterest board today.

The one thing I still want to know is what calendar program your using Tricia ? Love the colors !

I tried Google Calendar and it just isn’t my thing, I suppose one day maybe it will be but for now I am one of those have to have it hardcopy type of girl !

I also am a rarely ever watch TV person !  I do tend to watch movies that are patterned after books I have read. Me time ? Whats that ? I don’t mind shopping but I have been too tired to do it myself. I do my own pedicures and manicures here at home. I would opt for more couple time !

I can’t wait till Spring is really here, the crocus are up and now they are saying snow again…

On day 3 of a detox, feeling like I got a nasty cold and headache…

Prayers Appreciated !


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