Day 6 Balanced Challenge with Tricia Goyer !


Day 6 Balanced Challenge

March 16: Do What You Can (Chapter Six)

Well today was amazing !  I woke up and  my headache was gone ! Praise the Lord !

I have been Detoxing this is Day 4 of my detox !  I had been suffering horrible headaches while doing this. I have to

say that I am thankful that the headaches are gone.

I got right up, my lungs clear for a change and my head not in a fog or pain. I came down and started in cleaning up

from last nights late snacking.  Dishes , straightening and Reading the Word.

Psalms 37:4  was on my heart.

Yesterday I had learned that I won a brand new 7″ Kindle Fire HDX and Yes I had prayed for it.

That might sound funny, but I did !  I so wanted to have one just for my own reading, since I use it for

reading and reviewing books ect .  Also use it for apps that I review.  Well since last year when I won my first

Kindle Fire , the kids have enjoyed it so much for Reading and Learning Apps as well as games,

I seldom get time on it.

So to me this is a blessing !  I also learned this morning  I won a book that I really wanted to read and I was able to

have a  very sweet talk with the Author.

Daily I am on what the Time Warp Wife calls a 10 min tidy !

I did one today in the Living Room as kids didn’t realize that they had knocked

over my yarn and crochet thread.  So that took a mere 5 mins.

Folded Laundry while waiting for my tea water to heat.

Mixed my Detox while stacking dishes to be washed.

Cleaned up Bathroom while in doing my hair.

Took Laundry to the washroom on my way to get my Tea.

Brought my own laundry down to the washroom on my way to the kitchen.

Other then this I have spend my day working on a few pinterest boards and learning about an

Author I didn’t’ know well yet.  I also read a bit today. All in my little bits of time.

I will admit that 10 mins here or there gets much done. I am trying to instill this in my

Childrens lives. We were able to get the girls room cleaned up this week most the way.

I wanted this done as I want to paint there room this spring !

The first time I head of small times of cleaning was when someone started us women

who were on a christian ladies list on yahoo, doing Flylady.  I am not a flylady fan, but I do like the idea

of quick cleanups.  I am off to do some more clean up. Oh, snapping a few sunset shots first !

Oh Tricia, I love The Naturally Clean Home, got that March 1st last year !

~ Linda ~


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