Day 8 Balanced Challenge with Tricia Goyer

Get Balanced!
Tricia Goyer Balanced  

March 18: Make Today Amazing (Chapter Eight)

Today, I have taken your advice Tricia. I spent almost all day in my diningroom.  It sits on the south side of the house and gets all he sun and today it is sunny big time.  I needed sun. It makes me feel so much happier and my desk is out here to work at.  It decorated in light slate blue on bottom and a nice ribbon wallpaper with blue and yellow flowers on it.  I enjoy this room because it has a bright and cheery atmosphere.


I also asked DH if he had any plans !  Girl you should have known that was a dangerous question, At least we are like minded ! Tonight is in house date night ! I wonder if I change the clocks if we can fake the kids out and have some alone time ! LOL   Don’t tell me you have never set the clocks ahead to fake your kids out and get them to bed sooner…  If not , see if you can get an extra hour or two of alone time.

I do feel better today and the house has been more peaceful today !

I am thankful for My Salvation, My Family, My Sisters who bless me and so much more.

Today the girls and I looked at a website they wanted to look at and play on.

Today, I helped a Sister with a slight website problem, I am glad she isn’t paniced anymore.  I talked to another friend who is thinking about homeschooling and encouraged her.

Twice Today I was told I am an angel and that I bless others,  that is a nice feeling to be able to give to others from the heart and not expect anything in return.

But I have to admit to being allowed by Three Authors today to read , review and influence for them. I always feel good about blessing my Sisters in the Lord who write and my brothers too !

~ Linda~



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