Day 9 Balanced Challenge with Tricia Goyer


Get Balanced!
Tricia Goyer Balanced

March 19: Inspiration and Relaxation (Chapter Nine)

Here was today’s assignment from Tricia

Give your mind a rest and a dose of good, old-fashioned inspiration. Carve out some time today to implement one of my tips about finding inspiration and enjoy the feeling of creativity. Then come up with your own list of ways you can find inspiration.

1. Reading Bible.  Daily getting into the Word encourages ! Do so with a great women’s study !

2. Pray. Pour your heart out to the Lord !  Pray for others ! Doing so brings much peace.

3. Read good biblically based women’s studies. This is an awesome way to start you day or to enjoy just a few spare moments in your day !

4. Follow and Read Godly Women’s blogs and websites.  I know this makes me feel wonderful.

5. Take up a creative Hobby. ie. Crocheting, Fiber Arts, Drawing, Quilting, Sewing, Baking , whatever you enjoy.

6. Listen to Uplifting Music. Music feeds the soul if it is the right music and makes you feel happy !

7. Put up inspiring Art Work in your Home. Wall Art, Bible verses. Decorate with little things in each room that you like.

8. Sing, sing and sing some more !  Singing lifts your spirits and creates a happy peaceful feeling.



9. Have fellowship with other women who encourage and inspire you ! Attend a womens conference on Joy, Love or whatever !   Like  Just Joy Ministries with Carol McLeod !

10. Take time out to enjoy being you !  Sit and enjoy your favorite drink and just think and relax ! Read your favorite books or do lunch with a friend , even  your Dear Husband to have fun.

 pink flowers sonoma christian home

God can and will restore your JOY and he will inspire you to go on to do great and awesome things ! When we have the Lord Jesus, we can accomplish anything that we seek to do within God’s will  for our lives !

Be Blessed

~ Linda ~



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