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March 20: Eight (Chapter Ten)

Today’s assignment from Tricia

Read chapter ten and come up with your list of “eight.” Then write down those eight themes on a pretty piece of paper and post it somewhere you’ll see it often (bathroom mirror, refrigerator, bulletin board, etc.). Then take a picture of it and post it on your blog.

Tried to upload my pretty paper , have to share later !

So after reading chapter 10 and thinking and praying on this, here is my Eight Life Themes as I see them Today. I didn’t see them while on life’s journey, but I have arrived at these 8 !  I loved this assignment, I started it not knowing what I could put on my list. Where had life taken me ?  I started writing my own life story and  I think it will have to be written in more then one book as I have been asked of the Lord to share to help others and to hopefully bring honor to the Lord.  That is the goal !

If you would like to read my 8 Life Themes you can read about them here.

~ Linda ~

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