Review: Spelling You See By Demme Learning

Spelling You See Review

Spelling You See Review

Spelling You See Review

Are your kids tired of the constant drill of words each week and a spelling list that just bores them ? Are they reluctant to actually study words to learn how they are spelled and why they are spelled the way they are ? Well, no more boring list of Words and repetitive drills !  Today I am so happy to bring you a new curriculum  for spelling , called Spelling You See !  It is by the same folks as Math You See, Demme Learning.  This new Learning tool is meant for elementary ages, or for remedial work for older students. Spelling You See is designed to be used for short periods on a daily basis. This makes it easy for the children to grasp the concepts of using vowel chunks, two or more vowels that make their sounds.  You will just love this it is so easy to use for you and your children.  You use their guidelines and where your child is at in reading and spelling as a placement guide. Select the Level that is right for your child.  Finally, a spelling curriculum that doesn’t take you all day to teach.  Freeing you to help your other children or do those things that need doing in the home while they easily work their daily lesson.  Who could ask for more ? Right !

Spelling You See Review

We are using Spelling You See: Americana (Level D) this year. We received Level D Americana  Softbound Workbooks Part 1 and 2, as well as an instructor handbook.

Spelling You See: Americana (Level D)
Instructor’s Handbook $14
Student Pack $30.

You may want to purchase Erasable Colored Pencils or highlighters to use. I reviewed the instructor booklet for an evening and we were good to go ! No hassle at all to get started, that to me is a big plus. It is a new way to have the children learn spelling, A way that they won’t even know they are doing spelling.  No daily drill of words to test at the end of the week.  Americana is a way to actually teach Spelling, History and Reading if your using Level D Americana , least that is my take on using it.  I chose this Level as my girls are ages 10 and 11 and although technically we are doing two grade levels, they are both doing very well in Americana Level D.  I love it when I can combine subjects, it just makes our day go so much faster in learning and then we can get onto the more fun things of life !

We have been using this for 15 minutes to 30 minutes each morning. No really heavy teaching was needed. The girls could read their instructions and get right to work. If you are a parent who loves to teach and does not have more younger children to teach you can read them the story and instructions.  You can also work on making up extra things to teach subjects included in these books. The first day I read the story to the girls and explained how to do the lesson.  We also talked about the history involved in the lessons.  The first week we talked about the american flag and who made the flag, how many stars were on original flag and how many are on the American flag now and why.  Spelling  You See makes it so easy to learn many things while doing  their books.   We discuss  the lesson as well as the vowel chunks and the girls each read  the lesson to me aloud.  For us it makes our daily routine go smoothly when we combine our subjects.


I liked the look of the curriculum and having actual workbooks to use as my girls seem to do better if they have their own books to write in. I really thought it would be a good fit for us.  After several weeks of trying it out, I am rethinking this.  The girls don’t like the lessons being the same everyday.  They don’t like repetitive dictation at all. It is not the subject matter, as they really like the things about history.  They truly enjoy using the colored erasable pencils to do their work in these workbooks. We will keep using this for the rest of the year to see if it is a good fit for us.


 Sometimes I believe it is the kids who don’t care to do anything that isn’t computer based or electronic.  I personally think this is a great way to learn not only Spelling, but also other subjects we teach our children.  I also like that it is phonetically based and helps to instill good reading and decoding skills. I also like that it is not graded, but is Levels to master. This is a good thing for us as my girls are 14 months apart and my oldest thinks that she should be in a higher grade then her sister.  They are both doing wonderful in this  and they really are loving the colorful pages and the things they are learning. I don’t think they know they are learning to spell better !  Thats how fun its become for them.


I would love to see more activities for each lesson and not just dictation, I feel this would make it a better fit for us personally.  So far they are both doing well in Americana Level D.  It has really taken us some time to adapt to no spelling lists and no list of words to test on each week, but I we are liking this  method a lot. I am going to keep using this with the girls till the end of this school year.  It really takes more then 6 to 8 weeks to see if it will really work for us.

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