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Curiosity Quest Review

 I am so excited today to be sharing my review of Curiosity Quest  DVD Combo Pack  series . We received  a DVD combo pack – Produce (Mushrooms, Cranberries, Orange Packing) and also a DVD combo pack – Swimmers of the Sea (Sea Turtle Rescue, Penguins, Salmon) .  Each episode is only 30 mins long and packed with so much excitement and learning  to hold your child’s and your attention ! These DVD’s are geared toward children ages 7 to 14 years old.

Curiosity Quest Review$24.95In this first series we were so excited to learn on the  harvesting of Oranges, Cranberries and Mushrooms. The children were not so excited about mushrooms as I was , they are one of my favorite things to eat ! But we were all very excited about Oranges and Cranberries.  We live in an area ourselves with Orchards of Apples and Peaches, so learning about a fruit from a tree and the handling of it from start to finish was a wonderful thing for us.Curiosity Quest Review


This Curiosity Quest episode is all about the harvesting to the  shipping of the oranges grown in Middle California.  This episode takes us to Dinuba, CA to a commercial orange grove. where they grow 2400 acres of oranges. We learned where and how they grow. All about harvesting them and handling  of them during this process. Then we went to the plant where they ripen them and prepare them to ship all over the world.  We learned a lot from watching this episode and really enjoyed it a lot.

Curiosity Quest Review


This Curiosity Quest episode on Mushrooms, allowed us to find out how mushrooms are grown.  It took us to Watsonville, CA to the largest fresh mushroom grower in the United States. We learned everything from the growing, harvesting and each step that is done to bring us a fine and tasty mushroom. It was fun to see the host participating and learning about all the aspects of Mushroom Production.

Curiosity Quest Review


This Curiosity Quest episode on Cranberries, brought us into the Cranberry Bogs to see first hand what is entailed in the production and harvesting of the Cranberry.  It took us to Wisconsin to the largest cranberry grower in the country. We got to learn all about the growing, harvesting and care of cranberries. We loved the funny antics of the host of the show and we know that cranberries are very tart in taste. We laughed alot  We also learned that the Cranberry is Wisconsin’s State Fruit !  Being a lover of cranberry juice, I loved this topic. They are also very healthy for us.


Curiosity Quest Review$24.95Since my children love living things and the care of them this series on Swimmers of the Sea really caught their attention. We love eating Salmon and know that just north of us here in NY is the Salmon River and many are caught each year to eat. The children loved the movie Happy Feet so they loved learning about Penguins from this DVD.  When we lived by the river two years ago we had snapping turtles and paint turtles, so they really liked learning about the Sea Turtles to !Curiosity Quest Review


This Curiosity Quest episode allowed us to learn  more about Penguins.  We were taken to The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA.  We got to see a very in depth look at the various Penguins at the aquarium. We learned all about the preparation of their food  and also their  health care . We learned what they like to eat and what they sound like.  The children just loved this , as they love animals alot. It was fun to watch the host of the show cringe at handling fish and trying to make the sounds the penguin make !

Curiosity Quest Review

Sea Turtles

Curiosity Quest Goes Green in this episode features sea turtles.  We were taken to  Marathon, Florida where we got to explores a sea turtle rescue, rehabilitation, and release center and meet all kinds of turtles.We got to see an in depth look at the process used to save sea turtles. They have saved over 1300 sea turtles.  We learned what they eat, according to where they live.  We got to meet the caretaker of the sea turtles and also see some of the injuries they may have sustained. We learned they can weight from 600 to 2000 lbs. We were amazed at the vast size of the turtles. We learned so much and the kids just loved seeing the turtles. They also house a rare and endangered species of sea turtle !

Curiosity Quest ReviewWe got to see hatchlings as well !Curiosity Quest Review


 Curiosity Quest final episode we watched was  about Salmon.  We traveled with the host to the mouth of Sheep Creek in Juneau, Alaska. We got to see how salmon are maintained and protected . This was an in depth look at the process of rehabilitating the salmon population.  We got to see the  amazing process by which salmon swim upstream and how they spawn.  The host was so funny going in bare foot to feel the fish swim around him and he was feeling the fish.  Most of America’s Salmon for consumption come from Alaska.   We learned that King Salmon are the largest Salmon and can grow up to 100 lbs ! Thats one huge fish !

My Thoughts on Curiosity Quest Dvd Combo Packs

These DVDs were full of fun facts and real fascinating facts about so many topics. Each topic was sent to them by a viewer who was curious about those things showed to us.  Not only were they fun but they were satisfying in that we learned so much  about the topic.  They held my childrens attention and my own.  We were amazed that so much work goes into Harvesting Produce and Caring for Animals.  I like that Curiosity Quest has many ways to join them in attaining the Dvds, which makes it affordable for the homeschool family. I highly recommend this to everyone who would like to have Dvds for Science or Home Economics Classes. They also allowed us to visit places we never would have gotten to go to. They make wonderful field trips.  We just loved them.

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  1. Thanks for a great, enlightening review. I may have to consider these as gifts for my 8-year-old great-niece. 😀

  2. Very Cool. Looks like quite the adventure. I am wanting to grow mushrooms so it would be really interesting to see how “big scale” farm production works.

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