My Review of The Wise Woman with Literary Analysis Journal Questions

The Wise Woman with Literary Analysis Journal Questions

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My Review

We received The Wise Woman with Literary Analysis Journal Questions from Home School Adventure Co. in the Digital Download format to read and review.  I am so glad that I received this format. Its had allowed me to print off the chapters for the girls and they can read or follow along as I read it to them. I have to say I was sceptical at first about fables with a christian allegory, but this one surprised me.  It is so full of realistic comparisons in life and how we handle them. It is also full of wisdom and answers to those issues dealt with.

We set out to daily read a chapter and think on the questions. We ended up spending more then a day on each chapter and really delving deeper into the meaning of each part of the story and trying to relate it to our lives and letting things really reach into our hearts and change us for the better.  I believe this helped us right now as we were going through some hard things.  It has personally taught me to never give up on areas of needed change and to be firm yet loving in discipline and discipling of my children. After all being a godly mother and teacher of my children requires me to be ever seeking the Lord and His ways.

I loved the way we could read the story and then think and meditate on the questions. Thinking through things and I believe it has really helped us to get a better focus on issues in life.  The children were excited to hear more each day and get to spend family time reading this wonderful story. It has brought us closer together and helped us to focus on what truly matters in life and that in all we do we need to be diligent and seek right ways. I think this would work well for Homeschools, Small Groups, Youth Groups, Ladies Groups or a family centered church ministry.

The children and I learned things about ourselves and our own character without knowing we were at first. It is very thought provoking and easy to understand.  My girls liked it as it has The Wise Woman and in many ways she to them was like the fairy god mother, yet she always was showing Gods righteousness and love.  To me she is what all us mothers strive to be like and to have the godly and wholesome answers to issues in life.  We so need today to seek out great reads for our families and this is surly one great read for the whole family.

I hope you will give this book a try and share it with your homeschool group and friends.  It was a real blessing to us in so many ways. It has helped to mold us into what the Lord would have us to be and it is so wonderful how books can bring us into deeper thought on so much in life. It has led us to deeper discussions after each chapter was read and it will continue to be talked about even after reading the whole story and study.

~ Linda ~

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