Maestro Classics Review

Maestro Classics Review

 We are so pleased today to bring you a review of Maestro Classics.  We received two cds for our review, the first one was My Name is Handel: The Story of Water Music. The second one was an all time favorite of ours Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel.  These cds of classic stories are set to wonderful classical music. They are geared toward ages 4 + and families, but they really caught even my attention as a homeschool mom.  If your children love music and stories, they will love these cds.  We have truly enjoyed these.  I had read online that there have been studies done to show that listening to classical music improves memory and learning in children and adults.  So I really looked forward to this for the children to hear their favorite classics set to classical music.

Maestro Classics ReviewAges 5 + upPrice: $16.95My Name is Handel  is music from Water Music,  Messiah, and Rinaldo throughout the  story. It includes Music and Historical Insights plus the ” My name is Handel ” Sing-along song and a 24 page booklet. Total Playing time is 48.45 mins.  We read through the little booklet that comes with the cd to learn more about Handel and The Orchestra during his time. We also learned about the churches in the area to.  Our favorite was the Harpsichord music. It was fun to learn about travel back in Handels day to.  We really enjoyed this cd and used it for our music calls as well as reading time.Maestro Classics ReviewAges 4+ upPrice:$16.95 Listening to Mike Mulligan and his  Steam Shovel was so much fun. Even my 6 year old Daniel really enjoyed this one.  Each of the children pointed out the instruments that they really enjoyed while listening to the story. This traditional story is one of our favorite ones so this made for all the more enjoyment. I used the activity booklet  with the children. Even Daniel enjoyed the dot to dot. We learned about composer Stephen Simon and the folks who played the parts in the story.  We enjoyed learning the Mike Mulligan Song. On of our favorite instruments was the Uilleann Pipes. The Girls enjoyed the crossword puzzle, word search and maze from the booklet to do while learning more about this fun cd.  ~All in all I think this is a lovely set of CDs to use for Reading and for Music appreciation time.  There is so much to do and enjoy with them and I am so glad that Maestro Classics made a little book to go along with the stories and told so much about the music also. It held the childrens attention and was something they could really take part in and not just listen to.  The music was excellent and just brought so much more to the story then just reading the book. I liked it alot as I can combine several subjects in one class time. I would highly recommend these to anyone to use in their home school or even a home setting.  Music is such a wonderful things to share in the Home and it surely brings much enjoyment to all of us.  Also they have such a wonderful selection in stories and music beyond the two cds that we enjoyed. Please take some time and read the other reviews by following the link below. You won’t be disappointed !~You can also learn more about Maestro Classics by visiting them at the following:


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