Logic of English ~ Foundations Level A ~ Review

Logic of English Review We were really happy to be able to review Logic of English  ~ Foundations  Level A ($71.00)We received  Foundations Level A Teachers Manual ($38.00), Level A Student Workbook ($18.00), Doodling Dragons : an ABC Book of Sounds ($15.00). We also received Rhythm of Handwriting Manuscript -Complete Set  ($85.00) that included:  A student whiteboard ($9.00), Basic Phonogram Flash Cards ($18.00), Phonogram Game Cards Red and Blue ($10.00 each set), Rhythm of Handwriting Tactile Cards ($28.00) and Rhythm of Handwriting Quick Reference Chart ($10.00)  .  A very complete set for learning for ages 4 to 7 year olds!Logic of English Review

We were so excited to receive this Curriculum to use with Daniel 6 years old. He so wants to learn to read. We are a family who loves phonics based programs and see them as a necessity in learning to read. We were also excited to see that Foundations A teaches the children proper strokes for handwriting , so that they can easily learn to form letters properly.  One thing that really caught Daniels eye is the Dragons ! Being a boy Dragons really appeal to him, so this was a very good thing. The colors used in the graphics also are very appealing.  I feel that Logic of English really put some great thought into how this curriculum was made and developed, not only for the child but for the teacher as well.  It is very through in each area to be taught in the teachers manual. This really helped me to be able to teach this to Daniel and not forget a single thing needing to be taught.

The Teachers Lessons give you the Objectives in Handwriting, Phonemic Awareness and It also includes the Common Core Standard met by this curriculum.  I have full assurance that I am meeting the standards set forth but in no way compromising my own standards. It also lists Optional materials that can be used in each lesson. ie. Books, Legos, toys and other things.

In Phonemic Awareness they teach about feeling the sounds made by touching the throat as they are said, it gives speech tips and Multi-sensory fun.  We are using as many ways to teach mentioned so that Daniel truly comes to a right understanding. The Rhythm of Handwriting is wonderful as well. We have chart to go by. A whiteboard to use. Tactile Cards to feel the way its made and when you combine this with all the fun and games, as well as flashcards it truly is a wonderful and complete program to use with the children.  Daniel just loves this so much and so do I , it gives me one on one time with him daily. He is already learning a lot of words used all the time and many new words he knows but didn’t know how to write on his own.  My 12 year old exclaimed one night ” Mom, Daniel knows how to read ! “.   It is exciting for the two older girls to see Daniel making progress in writing and reading.  Daniel is excited to be able to do many things on his own now.

This is really the most complete program I have seen that teaches reading and writing in ways that I had not thought of but yet desired for each of my children to learn.  I am so happy with Logic of English and cannot wait to try other products developed by them.

Our Daily Lessons: First we cover phonemic  awareness, it does not take us long each morning to do this. We workin listening to the sounds, I have Daniel watch me as I say the sound. I make sure he knows what sounds are unvoiced and what ones are voiced. I follow the teacher tips given in my teacher manual. I love the booklist given also as this saves me time and I can get those books ahead for our reading time. We are able to work on Vocabulary also by following the tips in the teachers manual.  We then move on to Handwriting. Again I follow the teacher tips and use the items mentioned for each lesson.  Its fun for Daniel there are many games and fun ideas to use.  We love reading through Doodling Dragons an ABC Book of Sounds. It is bright and colorful and very eye catching.

I can’t believe everything we have covered in such a short period of time !

If your looking for a really complete and fun way to each your younger children you would really enjoy this program.  After we complete Foundations A, I think we shall move onto Foundations B and keep on going ! That is how impressed I am with Logic of English !  They have thought of everything, nothing was left out of this curriculum.  So even if you don’t think you can teach your child to read and write, you can do it with this program !

Logic of English Review

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