Digital Heroes & Heroines of the Past: American History Curriculum Review


Golden Prairie Press ReviewI was so happy we were chosen to do the review of  Golden Prairie Press   Digital Heroes & Heroines of the Past: American History Curriculum !  To do our review we were sent Heros and Heroines of the Past Part 1 and Part 2. Historical Skits Part 1, Sing Some History, Listen to Some History and Additional Material CD digital download.  We received all these as digital downloads. A Great American History Curriculum for Grades 1 – 6 , but it can be used for older children. 


Price for all items received for this review  is $98.99Golden Prairie Press ReviewI will be honest in my review that I was able to use the History books themselves but my kids really didn’t care to do the skits, maybe when they are older they will like doing drama.  I loved reading the history lessons myself as it is a good refresher and some things included were not taught to me in school.  I want my childrens view of history to be filled with as much truth and relevance as possible.  I  want my kids to know that there were men and women who took great part in the history of our nation. We have some Native American Heritage so I was very pleased to see their history included in these books as well.   I think the hardest part of the review for me was that they were pdf files and I had to scroll down through the books to find where we were studying each day. I would certainly opt for real print versions personally.~

In Heros and Heroines of the Past Part 1 :

covers  the time period of  the years 1000 to 1837.

The Period of DiscoveryThe Period of ColonizationThe RevolutionThe Formation of the UnionThe Period of National Development

I Heros and Heroines of the Past Part 2:

covers the time period of the  years 1837 to Present.

The Period of National Development Continued

The Civil War

The Period of National Expansion

The United States, A World Power

We are in the first book of Hero’s and Heroines of the Past. We have read through the first five sections. One thing that is helpful is to go to the website and download the Heroes and Heroines of the Past: American History Curriculum Outline.  It is an Outline of the order the lessons, and Projects that go with each lesson.  Those activities include Art Projects, Famous Artwork, Bible Memory Verses, Skits, Literature and Color Pages ( if you order these ). We were able to use the famous artwork included in our digital download files. Paintings Art – Columbus at the Royal Court of Spain, Columbus Takes Possession of the New World, Columbus’ Coat of Arms,Art – Columbus’ Return, and many others. We used some of the pictures for an activity called Write a story from this picture. The children saw the picture and wrote a story after viewing it.  We made things from recipes included, Hot Cocoa, Succotash and Rye and Indian Bread.  We also made Scripture Cake ! My girls love to bake, so this part was more fun for them.  We also learned some Bible verses from Psalms and learned some Historical Hymns and Songs of History like When I Survey the Wondrous Cross and All the Pretty Little Horses found on our Sing Some History digital download. We also got to hear some historical stories and Teachings from our Listen to Some History digital download.

For our children they really enjoyed most of all the hearing of history, listening to history and listening to the songs.  Parts of it are far more advanced then they were use to. There is a lot to this history study and It could be used for year with every thing that is included.  There are  many more books and activities that could be purchased separately. One of those things I would like to get in the future is Amy’s books on making historical clothing.  I want to include things that are appealing to us to enhance this Curriculum.  I definitely would have to add other things from those offered on the website to make this more appealing to my daughters and my son in the years to come.  I personally feel its a bit advanced for younger children who are very active or have attention disorders or learning disabilities.

If you want a study that is full of reading, music, art and writing activities this may be a good fit for you.

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