SleeKeys Keyboard for iPad Air



SleeKeys is an iPad case with an integrated physical keyboard.
What makes SleeKeys unique is the way it interacts with the iPad. SleeKeys doesn’t use Bluetooth, batteries, or wires.
The keyboard interacts with the iPad by being flipped onto the iPad screen which is how SleeKeys can operate without electricity of any sort.

The fact that it isn’t dependent on electricity doesn’t just make it a sleeker and more lightweight case (isn’t the iPad supposed to be all about sleekness?) but it also brings down the cost significantly.
A typical Bluetooth keyboard retails for about $100. SleeKeys retails for $49.95. That’s approximately the same price as a regular case!

My Review

I have to say I like the sleek design and lightweight keyboard and case.
It does beat trying to use the touch keypad on my ipad. I also like that
I don’t have to worry about pairing it or charging it like most bluetooth
keyboards. that is a plus. It is a handy techy gadget that most ipad owners
will enjoy. Great Product ! I am enjoying it alot. I find it very helpful
to use as my Arthritis is not argrivated by it.


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