30 Days of Gratitude Adventure !


As I think back on this past year, I have so much to be thankful for and if your following me at faithfulacresbodysoulspirit on instagram or Linda Marie Finn on FB, or @FaithfulAcresBk on twitter  you have been reading my things I am thankful for !  If not you might want to go follow me on one or both ! If you are going to friend request me on FB, I suggest you message me first as I rarely approve anyone who I don’t know that well. Or leave me a note here and then friend me , be patient and I will get to approving you.

On the 20th of this month I have been in business for myself, working from home.  I have been sharing health and wellness with others as I share my story of how I so far lost over 64 lbs !  How I regained my health and am living my life more contentedly !

I truly was in a state of unhealthy living and needed something to change. I was afraid I was so sick I would die and so overweight that I couldn’t do much of anything or myself.  So your saying what changed right ? That’s what I was saying to myself, what do I change first and how do I make things better or me and for my family…

You know I have tried for most all my grown up years to lose weight and get healthy. Each time I would get pregnant I put on more weight and never seemed to loose more then 25 lbs, then I would plateau and never lose anymore.  So went the roller coaster ride and I was miserable and always sick and tired.

I decided if I was to get healthy I needed to change my diet !

I cut out a lot of breads, white sugar and started drinking smoothies for breakfast !  I would use yogurt, bananas, pineapple, strawberries and even used Green Powder Max in them.  I lost 10 lbs !!!!  I still felt awful…..

So then I got an herbal cleanse and used it daily for 3 weeks straight as prescribed by the maker.  I used it faithfully and although I knew I was doing something good for my body I started feeling sicker and weaker and my body was reacting to something I was doing.  I dropped another 5 lbs. Well that was the end of that detox as I just couldn’t deal with feeling like my BP and my sugar levels were going wacky !

I was ready to give up and then one day a lady on FB said Linda have you ever tried these products I am selling ?   Nope never heard of them, never have tried them , but ya everyone says their stuff works and will help me…. I was so skeptical and just said Ya Ya, when I have money to try it maybe I will do that ! The whole time thinking No I won’t , It won’t work !

Well, Diane mailed me a catolog and a sample of a product called Greens to Go ! One orange and one berry !  So the next day I got my bottled water that was chilled and poured in the powder and drank down this drink and in an hour or so, I was feeling pretty good !  I was perky and had more energy all day !

” Thought to myself, Ha, there has to be more to this

, it can’t be this easy to feel good “.

So Day 2, I got my water that morning and Drank the Orange Greens to Go and once again I had energy all day….Well Diane had sent me a sample of Thermofit also and on the bag wrote take two daily… ok I thought, so I was sitting at my desk and thought I will do that and I took two that morning…. !!!!

I couldn’t sit still, I felt like I was bordering on an anxiety attack, but decided well I will get up and go do the dishes , well for several hours I was singing, dancing, cleaning the kitchen !  So much energy that my kids thought I had lost it…

After all  only daddy sings and dances in the kitchen !

Got done and went to my computer and said Diane, you didn’t tell me this would make me feel this good, I cleaned the whole kitchen this morning and was singing and dancing !  She laughed and said, How many Thermofit did you take ?  I said you wrote on the bag to take two daily and I took two this morning ! She laughed and said well I would have started with one in the AM and one at Noon, not two at a time !  But Linda I am so glad your feeling better !

(Truth was I was still skeptical)

But being true to my nature, I jumped in with both feet !  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired ! And I was also sick and tired of being in debt and never having money to do anything in life….

I said well Diane if I am going to use this stuff I am going to sell this stuff !

November 20th, 2015

Bought my Business Building Kit $99 and Ordered my Greens (value size $79) and a bottle of Thermofit ($39) !

My first month I lost 25 lbs , got my first 4 Loyal Customers in a week, earned 2 wrap rewards ( 2 boxes of wraps at $25 a box) and $120 in free products !  I was commissions qualified by ordering my kit and I made $52 in commissions in less then 3 weeks !  Actually in one week as that is when I got my first 4 Loyals ! I was rocking, excited and thrilled as I had never made that much money in that little time with any company I worked in before. By month 3 and 4,  I was making $500 to $700 a month in commissions and bonuses !

(just so you know I had in my lifetime worked in Avon, Aloette, Amway, Shaklee, Cameo and Petra Fashions )  I had done my share of direct sales and MLM !

I learned two  things,  Not all businesses are alike !  and Not all products are alike !

I was faithful to use these products and still am today !  I have lost a total of 64 lbs ! and  I share My Story, Hope and Health with everyone who wants to hear about my testimony !

I love helping others find a healthy way of living for them, that includes clean eating, excersize ( not the kind that kills you) , how to decrease or rid your life of stress and just find happiness !

The nice thing is we have not gone a single month since I started my business without any income, we have always had an income now and that is one thing I am very thankful for !

Praise the Lord !  For without Him I am nothing and this would not be what it is today !

If you would like to talk about you health , life or your in need of an income, please feel free to contact me, I would be happy to listen, share with you and help you find an answer to your life’s issues…

You can contact me through my email faithfulacresbodysoulspirit@gmail.com

Text Me: 315.529.2360

or leave me a comment here or use my contact page on this site !


~ As a man (person) thinketh in his (their) heart, so is he.(she) ~

The Battle is In the Mind !

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