The Alliance by Jolina Petersheim


When Leora Ebersole sees the small plane crash in her Old Order Mennonite community, she has no idea it’s a foreshadowing of things to come. When the young pilot, Moses Hughes, regains consciousness, they realize his instruments were destroyed by the same power outage that killed the electricity at the community store, where Englischers are stranded with dead cell phones and cars that won’t start.

Moses offers a sobering theory, but no one can know how drastically life is about to change. With the only self-sustaining food supply in the region, the Pacifist community is forced to forge an alliance with the handful of stranded Englischers in an effort to protect not only the food but their very lives.

In the weeks that follow, Leora, Moses, and the community will be tested as never before, requiring them to make decisions they never thought possible. Whom will they help and whom will they turn away? When the community receives news of a new threat, everyone must decide how far they’re willing to go to protect their beliefs and way of life.

About the Author

Jolina Petersheim

Author of The Outcast, The Midwife and The Alliance.

Jolina is a devoted wife to Randy and a gentle mamma to her two girls (Miss A and Miss M).  I have loved my friendship with her for the last few years watching her girls grow up (hearing each sweet story , laughed and cried along with her).  I can say that I cried with her as she dealt with and over came her dear husbands brain tumor and that with the help of the Lord she persevered !  I have so enjoyed her travels from TN to WI and Back !!!  She is “Real” as her stories are also real and full of what makes a story great ! ” Love”   Even when she doesn’t think she is , she is brave and so much stronger then she gives herself credit for… but I think that is so of each of us as we strive to live for the Lord and walk by faith and not by sight. She is a newer Author,  but he writes amazing books with a style and grace all her own.

My Review

When I first sat down to read The Alliance, I was not sure what I would find.  I have read Amish Fiction for over 20 years, from well known authors. But Jolina’s books never disappoint me.  This story was full of caring and not just for those within the community but also for those usually on the outside.  Jolina has shown each of us in this story how both sides can work together for the betterment of the other and do so with love and grace.

Having lives in a community of Old Order Mennonite’s myself just last summer and around them since 2008, There are times you feel like your on the outside looking in and sometime for brief moments are allowed to be inside and know the real heartache that is there as well as the happiness .  Plain folks can be slow to accept change, cautious  when dealing with outsiders or Englishers as they are called.

Jolina’s ability to convey their life and living draws you into the story line and makes you feel as if your right there living within the world she is writing about and I really enjoy that about her story.  It made me know that no matter what happened in the future that in deed we can walk , live and love in peace , even in two cultures that are so different.

If you enjoy a hint of mystery, suspense, stories of the plain folks, you will enjoy this story and  I hope you will get a copy and come to the same understanding I did !  That it is not alll about being plain… it is all about loving your neighbor as yourself !

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Disclaimer: I received a free paperback copy of The Alliance for my own personal review and have received no further compensation for doing so.

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