Life’s Lessons


Well, I don’t think my two girls realize that hormones run a muck and when they do they talk, argue and well you know…. its unending…. This past week my Cat Isabella came into heat….she was unending meowing and rubbing and just wanted everyone’s attention….The girls were saying ” Will this ever end, will she ever shut up ? lol Well just about the time that she did… my sons cat Dominique started in and is in heat this week….The girls are not thrilled, but I explained to them again that hormones do strange things to us…and that they needed to remember to not be so loud or attention seeking when they experience the monthly hormones running a muck…. It goes along way into making home peaceful if one controls their actions and attitudes during this time…. If only the girls could see it !!! They are 13 and 14….pray for me !!!  pray for them !!!

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