The Front Porch


when life gets
a little more than
i can take
i slip away
and take a break
far from the city
and all its demands
frankly, it’s more
than i can stand
so i slip away
to a little place
far from the busy streets
all the pushin’ and a shovin’
and a keepin’ up with
some feller named Jones
that’s just not for me
out in the sticks
is where i call home
back in the hills
just a takin’ it slow
ain’t in no hurry
we’ll git there soon e’nuf
got everythin’ i need
right here on the porch
a nice cool breeze
birds singin’ to me
and a tall glass of tea
that feller Jones
ain’t got nothin’ on me
~ poem “That Feller Jones” by Michael Traveler, author/poet

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