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High-quality, Self-paced, Online Homeschool Resources {}

I am excited today to be sharing with you the Yearly Membership for the website    part of The Old Schoolhouse.  Are you a Homeschooling mom feeling the pressures of teaching multiple grades at one time ? Is the health and care of someone in your family making it hard to keep up with teaching your children and your housework? Do you run a home based business as a family that you need to devote more time to ? Are you finding it hard to make ends meet ? Are you a single parent family ?  Are you a new Homeschooling family who is not quite sure where to start ?

As a homeschooling Mom of 7 myself,  ages 34 down to 9.  I can relate to much of the above situations and more.  We have dealt with me as a single mom, health issues of my children and those of myself and my dear husband.  We are well aware that life gets in the  way!  I remember saying to my husband ” There has to be a better and easier way”.  I have always kept searching for the answers to making my home and homeschooling run more efficiently and give me the time I needed to accomplish other things that needed to be done. I also was looking for a way to save us money in many areas of our Family Life. For us is that answer !

High-quality, Self-paced, Online Homeschool Resources {}

What if I told you there is a place where all you had to do was spend a small amount of time choosing online classes you wanted to teach, downloading a few papers for your children to do ?  or Set up a video for them to watch ?   How would you feel if you could go online, point, click and your children would be learning their studies ? is just the place !

This is an online product with downloadable, printable elements as well as Online Classes and video components!  There are products for all age ranges and grades; including moms and dads !

High-quality, Self-paced, Online Homeschool Resources {}

We have chosen to use many of the classes for certain grades but some of them,we will do as a family.  I love the ease of which I can go in and search by grade or by subject.I also like that we have full access to World Book Online and we can go in and search any topic and find all the information we need and resources, without having to own a full set of encyclopedias. I really like that there are learning games from Pre-K to Elementary grades that are fun and hold the children’s attention  while they are learning Math concepts or reading skills and I just love the E-book Library full of classical literature.   For video teachings the membership includes a membership to Rightnow Media ” The Netflix of Bible Studies” ! Everything from teaching your kids about God to saving your marriage.

Since this is our first year of high-school in several years, even as a seasoned homeschooling mom I still feel overwhelmed at times. While looking for courses for the girls I ran across the Parent Section, which really addressed a lot of questions I have and it set my mind at ease to know that I can go there and find ideas and Homeschool Parent Support. Wither it is Babies, Children, Teens, Home Business, Marriage or Special Needs Children, I can go there and read and learn from others that have been where I am at right now. I think I will daily go in and read from the Just for Parents  and use the course Building Faithful Kids.  I think it will be beneficial for myself and my husband as it includes topics such as How to Make God Known to your Kids, Dad the Right Man for The Job, A Grace Filled Home , A Faithful Family and So many more topics for us as parents to learn from. Sometimes we take for granted how it was in our own growing up, even in a christian home and we go through the motions and just think its going to work for our family. Well sometimes we need that help to learn, reassess and evaluate what were doing and why. I think the part I will enjoy the most is A Mothers Identity Crisis, where Caryn Rivadeira talks about how women miss their career, but how God can use her many talents while she is focusing on her children at home.  I was never raised to be a career woman but over the years found fulfillment in my at home businesses.  Sometimes it seems like I am so needed to do other things I don’t get to do those things I am good at. I know what she is talking about even if not a career woman, as I lose sense of me, being myself and receiving praise for those things I can do well.  I am enjoying this section and letting the Lord work in my life in this area.

High-quality, Self-paced, Online Homeschool Resources {}

My mind was really more at ease when I looked at the focused learning center and found a section on careers called the Career Center .  The girls and I have been talking for weeks about what plans they have and what they wanted to do after high school, so finding sections on Career Exploration and also Micro Businesses for Teens really gives me hope to be able to guide them into a path that is right for them if they want to work for someone else or if they long to make their own business! I was able to find all the Online Electives and High School Homeschool Courses needed for 9th grade. I know they will make a great start to their high school years.

If you think this might be for your family wither you are looking to supplement your kids education while they are in public or private school or you are homeschooling them, please see the link below to read reviews from others about this website and what they thought of it. I know that in the future I look forward to using some of the lessons for myself in Art, Image  Editing and Creation, Introduction to Graphic Design, Media Socialization and Whole Foods Cooking with Sue Gregg !  It doesn’t matter if your single, married, young or old, why not further your education while your kids are !

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