Simple Thoughts of a Faithful God by Mark E. Finn


Simple thoughts are, of course; mine. A faithful God is the one to whom I owe my existence to. The simple things that are hidden from the naked eye can be seen once touched by the Creator of all things. I was touched by God and I have compiled some of the thoughts and prayers I’ve had through the past few years. A cup of coffee will do as you read along with me as I take God’s Word literally in my life. Whether you have questioned the existence of God, or maybe met Him along the way and have wondered off; this book should prove to be helpful. I don’t claim to be the all-knowing prophet of God but what I have done here is compile short thoughts that may give light to questions yet unanswered in your life. I hope so, but even if it does nothing for you please see how an awesome God can even use a derelict like me to write for His glory. God does take the foolish things of this world to do mighty things. Never think you are of no value, for at this moment God is ready to expend all of His eternal riches to see that you have life and have it more abundantly than you have ever known. God did do this already, in fact He gave His only Son to be our Savior. Can you cry out like I did and do, Lord be merciful to me a sinner? If so you will find this book encouraging and exhorting. To sum it all up, these thoughts were mine, and like I always tell my children, please think for yourself, but; if these pages reach out to you be blessed and share the blessing. Thanks for your time.

About the Author

Mark is Husband to Linda Marie Finn, Father of three challenging children ages 15, 14 and 10 and follower of Christ!  Mark is also the Author of Obsessions, Depression and Demonic Oppression.

My Thoughts

After being married to Mark for 17 years this year and seeing Him struggle with Depression and watching him try to overcome through Christ, I can tell you he is stronger then he thinks he is. Living in this fallen world, anyone could become depressed just watching the news and seeing all the evil going on in everyday life.  It is even harder seeing our teen girls suffering with depression and the issues of becoming an adult. Life is not easy at times for most. My husband shares his true love for the Lord Jesus and also shares his struggles in the second book.  We both hope that His thoughts on God, Life and the Trials of Life, will be a blessing and help to all who read them.

You can get your Kindle Copies Here

Simple Thoughts of a Faithful God

Obsessions, Depression and Demonic Oppression

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