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The year is 1065. Edward the Confessor is King of England. Wulf, a young Saxon landholder, quickly earns respect from those he serves, through his devotion to duty, courage, and honor. But when Wulf and his devout Christian friend, Harold, find themselves shipwrecked on the shores of Normandy, a desperate struggle for the throne of England begins. On a battlefield outside of Hastings, the very course of history is decided. Brothers become enemies. A boy becomes a man. A nation is born.

My Review

Heirloom Audio Productions brings another G.A. Henty novel to life with Wulf the Saxon!

I am excited today to be bringing you my review of  Wulf the Saxon from Heirloom Audio Productions.   We received this 2 CD Audio of this 2 1/2 hour Non-Stop Adventure for our honest review. It is rated for ages 6+ – Adult.

I can’t begin to tell you what an exciting adventure this was. My children ages 15, 14 and 10 listened intently as did my husband Mark and I. No matter what the age it was a great tale to be told ! 

( I would save this one for those over 6 years old, only due to the war and battle sounds and graphic description of battle tragedies,  which may be scary to younger children.) 

As the story begins, we wondered if this would be a sad story or one of true love as the relationships even friendships are quite intimate and loyal.  You could really hear the the sincere care in the voices of all the characters and how they were genuinely concerned for one another.  They really did what they thought was best for the other person and that shows sincere caring.  The adventure was full of danger for those concerned and you could really sense the danger of the battle as we listened. I felt the pains of war as I listened.  We also wondered for a long time if Harold would be able to have the love of his life or be forced to marry for the betterment  of his country.  Would true love reign or would it be cast aside ? Will he marry the love of his life ?

In many areas of life, we could see how Wulf was protected and provided for and it was a reminder to us of the way the Lord watches over and provides for us. Even in the hardest time during ones life when one chooses to do the right thing, it brings about a reward.  Doing good to others even if they have not done good to you…

Wulf shows truly godly character in many ways he lives and how he treats others. Always a faithful servant and friend to all who know him.

While he is younger and not so worried about marrying, he meets a young lady who seems to like him, but he never seems show concern for his own life or living but his service is to that of his King and country.  Will he ever take notice that the young lady cares about him ? Will she sidetrack him from his duties ? Surely there is a reason she is asking questions , wanting to know his thoughts on things.  Years go by and Wulf grows in character and is promoted in station in life. He has many travels and opportunities. Will all this keep him from one day settling down ? Will he find his helpmeet for him ? Will he one day marry for love ? Will he find the woman who shares his dream?

I hope you will get a copy of this for your listening enjoyment !

I for one enjoyed the cast of characters and their voices as the story is told and the adventure plays out… this was a really fun and interesting story of history, that taught me things I had not learned before ! For me I wished it didn’t have to end !

It has peaked my interest in getting more G.A. Henty stories on cd and also the books for my children to listen to and enjoy reading.

Heirloom Audio Productions

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