MANHUNT: Only the Strong Survive (The Narrow Path Trilogy) by Rena Groot


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We live in a world spiraling through time to an appointed meeting with the One who set everything in motion. The family is being challenged on nearly every front by the media, politically, educationally, by crumbling morals, and by those who have lost the ability to discern truth or see God. Many searches for answers, often wandering in the darkness, not knowing where to find peace and safety, and the blind are leading the blind into a ditch.

There are eternal truths we can find if we seek them-if we can recognize them.

The Narrow Path Trilogy weaves threads from before the dawn of time, when angels rebelled and the dark, broken days of Earth began. In order for a marriage and a family to survive the tribulation,  the reign of terror of the Emperor, the children’s prison, the re-education camp, trans-humanism, the horrors of war, PTSD, super soldiers, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence,  the great deception and falling away, betrayal of family and friends and the love of many growing cold; deep faith in God and extreme courage are required.

Manhunt is the first book in the Narrow Path Trilogy It will lead you on a journey through an ancient garden towards a celestial city, using the genre of Christian fiction to remind us of the principles we know are true. It allows us to remember them, to find them, and ultimately takes us on the narrow path towards our eternal home. God did not promise it would be easy. He said the days ahead would be the worst the people of Earth have ever seen. But He did tell us He would never leave us or forsake us. He alone has the words of life. He bids us follow. Once on this path you will never be the same. Come…

About the Author

Rena Groot

Rena was born near a fascinating tide pool in Vancouver, BC. (She loves tide pools, painting, reading, writing, coffee.) She was a teacher for 18 years. She and her husband Hendrik-Jan are blessed with four amazing children. Rena has had the amazing opportunity to travel the globe as an Ambassador with the Department of Eternal Affairs.

She began writing her story — one of rejection, betrayal, and healing from brokenness — while sitting under a mosquito net in China. Two years later she put all the scribbly notes together at a guest house in Haifa, Israel. “A Life Set Free” was born. Rena has authored several more books: “Mommy & Baby’s Journal”, “Bubs Bunny Goes to Camp”, and her latest book, “MANHUNT” — Book 1 in “The Narrow Path Trilogy”.

God took an abandoned, fearful child and is using her life to show the impossible is possible when our lives are surrendered to Him. He can do more than we ask or think.

Available on Kindle and Paperback

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