When Angels Battle ~ Preorder Today for $2.99!

When Angels Battle by MaryLu Tyndall The Exciting Sequel to When Angels Cry! 18 Months into the Tribulation... After the sudden disappearance of her parents, Nyla Cruz was left with the care of her younger brother and aged grandmother. After World War 3 began, famine, violence, and disease ravaged the planet, transforming the calm world she … Continue reading When Angels Battle ~ Preorder Today for $2.99!

Books by Author Kayla Jarmon Review

We received three electronic books, A Boy, and His Dog,  Dying is Part of This World, and Don't Forget Me from Kayla Jarmon for our review. A Boy and His Dog You have heard folks say " A Boy and His Dog! "  This book shows the close friendship and relationship of both.  My husband is a dog person really can … Continue reading Books by Author Kayla Jarmon Review

CursiveLogic Review

Today we are pleased to bring you our review of the  CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack and The Art of Cursive by CursiveLogic.  CursiveLogic is a fast and efficient way to learn cursive handwriting.  The lessons in the student workbook can be used by children teaching cursive letters in a very methodical way ( you will need a separate student workbook for … Continue reading CursiveLogic Review